TOPIK  in Malaysia

<The 84th TOPIK>
Date:16th (Sunday) October 2022

Place: Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, UKM, Bangi, Selangor
Submission of application Form : 15. July – 29. July 2022 (17:00)
Fee : TOPIK I (RM 120.00) / TOPIK II (RM 170.00)

1) Click here and download the application form
2) Fill the form and insert your photo file into 2 photo boxes in the form
   * More details, please follow Example File
3) Fee: Bank into CIMB Bank 8002236325, SEUNG YOAN ROU
4) Send 3 files to

     (1) Application Form: Must be in word file (*.doc file ) ONLY!
      Do not change any format of the form, font, font size, etc.
     (2) Your Photo: jpg file, memory must be lower than 200 K.
      Please refer to sample file, must be recent photo and NOT casual photo. This photo will be appeared in your Certificate.
     (3) Receipt : Bank-in slip (scan or photo)

5) After received your form, TOPIK MALAYSIA will confirm your registration through E-mail.
6) Make sure that the Application form (word file), Photo file(jpg file), and bank slip (any file) must be arrived together 
     in the registration time.
7) Please write your Name/Birthday/Address etc. in detail and correctly. This is very important for your certificate and check/print your certificate. TOPIK MALAYSIA does not have any responsibility about applicant’s mistake or wrong information
8) TOPIK MALAYSIA has a right to reject if applicants do not follow the provided procedure or cause a problem to waste time for it.